some think him   a r r o g a n t .


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Music Mondays with AxleParov Stelar - “Nosferatu”

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Arkham Horror. The most complicated board game I have ever experienced. Nick just said, “Circle white, square diamond black. Sneak and will checks negative one.”

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  • Don’t use adverbs
  • Don’t use the verb “is”
  • Vary your sentence lengths.
  • Don’t use the generic nouns.
  • In fact, only use proper nouns.
  • Don’t describe anything your character is thinking.
  • Don’t describe your character’s appearance
  • Don’t name your character.  There is no reason to box your character into a label like a name.
  • Never repeat words in a sentence.
  • Never repeat letters in a sentence
  • Every letter should be a new letter than one previously seen in a sentence.  You may need to make up letters, or use numbers if necessary.
  • Rhyme when at all possible.
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Steampunk Frankenstein’s Monster

Rick Baker, legendary Hollywood special effects artist, debuted this amazing costume at an event celebrating his M.A.C. Cosmetics makeup launch.

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“What makes you so different? You’re just another tyrant.”
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my fav thing about fallout new vegas is that obsidian created a dummy character to use as a debug tool during development but never deleted him from the game files and they named him


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